Recycled Plastic
Recycled Content

Whether you generate scrap during your production, have material that is now obsolete or off spec, or looking to purchase material; Lakeland Polymers is an excellent source for your polymer needs,

We have streams of post industrial and prime/obsolete goods.


Our services include grinding, sorting, material consolidation and repackaging to help promote resource efficiency, working towards our zero-landfill goal.



Lakeland develops recycling and upcycling pathways with clients in the U.S., Europe and Mexico to reduce their carbon footprint, keep material out of landfills, and help reduce raw material costs.


While rigid and flexible PVC account for more than 50% of our recycling efforts, we have diversified into other markets including olefins, PVB, Nylon and PET.  We pride ourselves on establishing relationships with manufacturers who have a similar focus and goals. 



Lakeland Polymers can provide timely pick ups and deliveries. We can also provide dropped trailers and warehousing services in our 60,000 Sq. Ft warehouse space.

We listen to our customers and suppliers needs. We understand the importance of smooth and timely pick-ups and deliveries. If you have special requirements, we will strive to meet them.


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